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Client Love

In 2010, I first hired Marge to manage some basic details of my business as a “Virtual Assistant”. But Marge turned out to be far more than a VA. Within just a few short months, she not only proved to be extremely trustworthy, responsible, timely, communicative and ethical, but she also began to proactively fix parts of my business that needed fixing. I was and still am absolutely blown away with the speed at which Marge can quickly learn to do things, and even make a process or strategy more quick and efficient with that same speed. Now, Marge is at the helm of my operations as a manager of my business. She assists with everything from banking to web editing to social media to shipping to customer support, and does an amazing job at it all. I highly recommend and endorse Marge for anything you need. She is hands down one of the most impressive individuals with whom I’ve ever worked!”

–  Ben Greenfield, BenGreenfieldFitness

Dear Marge,

Mariel and I would just like to thank you for all the help that you gave us from the setting up of The Learning Basket Shop to the integration of the Affiliate Program. Working with you was such a breeze. You knew exactly what we wanted and you were able to follow through. To say that you work quickly is an understatement. We look forward to more projects with you! From (former ha ha!) IT folks who could’ve just done it themselves, we are happy that we chose you for these projects. Thank you! Thank you!

Sanne, The Learning Basket

The first time I joined Marge’s workshop (Yes, I’ve joined more than once! She’s THAT good), I was still working at a multinational IT company, miserable with my late hours, office politics, and having to leave my still-breastfeeding baby at home every day. During that first workshop, Marge taught us what it takes to become a successful VA – it’s a lifestyle! I learned A LOT that day, but I went home absolutely knowing 2 things: that I want to become like Marge someday, and that my family and I will need to work hard and prepare for making that dream lifestyle come true.

3 months after that first workshop, I landed my first work-from-home gig with my first client. Fast-forward to 2 years later: I’ve already worked with different clients around the world, retained a few regular ones, and I can say I’m now earning more than what I was taking home when I was still in corporate. The best thing? Being PRESENT in my daughter’s life. Nothing will ever beat that.

– Chachie Pabalan,

Working with Marge on Juice Hut’s web site is the best decision I made for 2014. At first, I was skeptical on putting up a website because of the cost, content requirements, coordination and other worries, but Marge put an end to all of my concerns. She’s easy to talk to, reasonably priced, a great collaborator, and very open-minded. I can say that I am very happy with Marge’s services.

– Mia Sison, Juice Hut Manila